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Smile for the Paparazzi!!

Pilsebob, pronounced [Peel-sû-bɒb]

27 October 1987
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"It's 7 in the morning and wasted

I'm 21 and I'm already hazy

What am I gonna, what am I gonna do?"

- 21 by The Starting Line (amazingly awesome band you know)

21! God I'm old. I'm trying hard not to be normal, and it works, most of the time. I seem to screw up alot. Half scottish, half norwegian. I'm a student, so pretty much out drinking or sitting at home reading my books (for my classes of course). I'm working on a BSc (bachelordegree) in meteorology and oceanography, and I absolutely love it. I'm quite fond of chaotic weather, and I sooo wanna study tropical cyclones when I'm starting on my masterdegree. It's not easy, and contains a sore wrist and alot of reading (and drawing hydrographical sections). D'erh...

I'm social when I feel like it, and I've got a fair bunch of people I call friends. They like seeing me drunk, so they invite me often to parties. Hrrhrr... :F I also have two tattoos, both on my ankles. they didn't hurt, and I'm gonna get more, it's actually comfy getting them.. :P Oh, and a labret (lip piercing).

Music is a must when reading, and laptop is starting to hate me, I'm getting more and more music... I listen to so many genres, though not everything within each of the genres. I really don't know what I would do without music. And I sooo have to go to a concert soon, cause I just want to see some of my favorite bands live. *sings* Ok ok, i'll stop singing..

Erh, I should really get back to writing about tropical cyclones and fuck up my wrist a bit more... Toodles... :P

"Think the inconceivable
Desire the untouchable"
Hooked by Seabound


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