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Lol, Tomarse

October 2012

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Been watching horror movies today... <3

I absolutely love horror movies, but I sometimes I'm absolutely just disappointed.. And today, I was very disappointed over "The Grudge" (american version).. Jeesh, what a piece of shit that was. Everybody says it's scary, I say it's all been done before, too many times. Ok, except the fact that Kayako (the spooky lady) comes down the stairs with just a bag on..

Paris Hilton; "That's hot"
The story's fucked up, I was laughing half the time cause it was just, may I say, boring. I really don't know what else to write, cause I've already forgotten the storyline, seriously, after 6 fucking hours.
I'll rate this film; 2 out of 10 (sorry, it sucks)

The other film was "28 days later", a better movie, though a bastardized film, horror/thriller/sci-fi-ish. Much better storyline, not your typical zombie movie where the zombies are limp and bite you. Here it's enough with just one drop of blood to infect you, and the zombies run like madmen AND they vomit blood.. Waaaaay better!! There's love, and slight nudity, thank you Cillian Murphy. I might just watch it again, and again and again, not just because of the nudity, but also, overall, it's a good film...
I'll rate this film; 8.5 out of 10


Sorry, had to..
Soooo, can anyone recommend some horrorfilms? Pweeease?

xoxo L


*giggles* Sorry!!!
Nope, haven't seen "28 weeks later", but I want to. Aaaww, well, I'm easily scared as well, though not when it comes to horror films. Oh, that friend of yours reminded me of something, I made one of my bestfriends laugh when we saw "Exorcist; The beginning", I came with rather random (and perverted) comments.. <_<